I think it is important that the use of technology is personalized. That when using a technology, the user feels comfortable and has a feeling of trust. I think this is valuable, especially in the field of healthcare. In healthcare a lot of different technologies are being used. These work very well, but often a personal element is missing which might make the experience of using the technology cold and static. To improve this, a designer can play an important role.

A healthcare designer should keep in mind that there are a lot of guidelines that should be followed before a design is ready to be tested or to go to market. These guidelines can make the road to personalizing healthcare technologies more difficult.

I think that for the journey to make healthcare technologies more personal, the key is that a designer is the connection between the users and the business. A designer should be up to date about the problems the users are facing, and the needs users have regarding a solution to these problems. Throughout the entire design process and journey towards the market, the designer should continue to match the created design to the user needs and the requirements set in the guidelines for healthcare technologies.

By doing this, I believe it is possible to reach the goal of creating more personalized technologies for the field of healthcare.