Before I started the bachelor Industrial Design, I never heard of Arduino or Processing. Thankfully, I followed the courses Creative Programming and Creative Electronics. In these courses I learned the basics of Arduino and Processing. During the USE-course Technologies for Connectivity, I learned how to apply Arduino and Processing into a mini-project. In this course I learned how I can use both Arduino and Processing together to create an interesting and fun prototype. My experience is that you can learn most about Technology & Realization by just starting to create prototypes. Therefore, I think I learned most in my Final Bachelor Project.

As mentioned in the section ‘Past’ I improved my skills in Technology & Realization during project 2. However, then we created the prototype with multiple people, I did not create it by myself. Therefore, I was not yet confident enough that I would be able to create a working prototype myself. During my Final Bachelor Project, I wanted to improve and develop my skills in this area. I started to experiment with Arduino quite early in the project, so that I could get used to using Arduino and electronics. During my project I noticed that I began to understand the hardware and software better. And I built prototypes faster. Eventually, I got my final prototype working, with the help of Peter Peters. I am very proud that I made it work.

My final prototype contains two accelerometers and a vibration motor. When one accelerometer moves and the other does not move, the vibration motor starts to vibrate.

Before my FBP I was not confident that I was able to build prototypes by myself. Now I created a working prototype by myself.