To be a good designer, you need to have professional skills like collaborating, communicating, presenting, planning etc. During the bachelor, my professional skills improved a lot.

In the beginning of the bachelor I was a shy girl who did not really had the confidence to speak up and be in a discussion with other people. In the bachelor there are many group projects you have to be part of. Already in the first year, my attitude started to change. I realized that, if I did not speak up, no one would hear my opinion when I did not agree with something. So, my communication skills improved every group project I did. Also, my collaborating skills approved, since I was part of many group projects. Next to collaborating and communicating skills, my presenting skills also improved in the first year. Because I was presenting something I really believed in and which I created, I was not scared anymore to present it.

In my Final Bachelor Project, my professional skills were tested. Because I had to do this project by myself, I reached out to many people. I talked to therapists, doctors, coaches and other students to hear their opinion on my project. I also approached Peter Peters to help me with my prototype when I did not know what I needed to do.

Because I had to do the project by myself, I had to plan my whole project. In the beginning I made a rough estimate of the phases of my design process, so that I made sure that I could do them all. I also made early arrangements with Adelante for my user tests with the children.