Final Bachelor Project. Individual project. February 2019 – June 2019

ReMi is a product which is designed to remind children with cerebral palsy to use their affected hand more in daily activities. It is designed in close contact with the rehabilitation center Adelante.

Poster used during the demo day presentation

The age of these children varies from 4 until 16. ReMi is a product that should be used in the daily life of the children. It consists of a brace and a bracelet. The brace will be worn on the affected hand and the bracelet will be worn on the healthy hand. When the children are busy doing an activity, like drawing, ReMi recognizes that the children are doing an activity without using their affected arm. In this situation, ReMi activates the vibration motor in the brace. The vibration motor reminds the children to use their affected hand in their activity. When the affected hand is used, the vibration motor is not activated, and the children can earn points. It is up to the parents of the children what the exact reward is for the child when they earned a certain amount of points. ReMi is tested at the rehabilitation center with children with cerebral palsy under supervision of therapists.

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