Research project. Individual project. February 2020 – June 2020

Poster used during the Demo Day

Feeling included in a group is important to human beings. However, it happens that in a company, members of minority groups, such as the LGBTI+ community, do not feel included. To increase the sense of inclusion, diversity officers within companies might choose to ask employees to register sensitive data, such as gender identity and sexual orientation. However, this is not widely accepted.

To open the discussion about this, I focused in this research on creating design guidelines for a tool which starts a conversation about the registration of sensitive data between employees and the organization in which they work.

Since diversity officers will eventually be the end-users of the conversation-starter tool, I wanted to include their visions, experiences and ideas in the development of the design guidelines. I therefore set up co-creation sessions. These sessions consisted of discussing views and opinions about the registration of sensitive data, and of brainstorming about the pros and the cons of some first concepts of potential tools.

These co-creation sessions resulted in a set of design guidelines, which will be useful in the development of an actual tool at a further stage of the research project.

In this research project I worked together with Jojanneke van der Toorn and Martine Veldhuizen, both member of Utrecht Young Academy. The topic of this research project was far from my usual study interests and therefore out of my comfort zone, however I am very happy I took this challenge of working on a project out of my comfort zone. I wrote an article about my participation in this interdisciplinary research on the website of Utrecht University.

Video used during the online Demo Day

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