Design project 2. Group project | 4 students. September 2017 – January 2018

Poster used during the demo day presentation

In this project we worked together with Adelante, a rehabilitation clinic in Hoensbroek, Limburg. The goal of this project was to remind and motivate patients who had a stroke to use their affected arm at home as well as in the rehabilitation clinic. The patients within the clinic train their affected arm in the training sessions with the physiotherapists and ergo therapists, but they tend to forget to use their affected arm as soon as the training session is over. To remind and motivate these patients to use their affected arm, we introduced Muse.

Muse is a positive feedback system that stimulates patients to use their affected arm by making the training enjoyable. The stroke patients can set their individual goals beforehand, which are mostly related to using everyday products again. Then the strip, with a force sensitive resistor, can be placed on the objects they want to train with. When this sensor is activated by touching the strip, music starts to play. This music can be chosen by the patient. This motivates the patients to use this object with the strip more, and with that train their affected arm and keep up their rehabilitation process.

This project was the first in which I collaborated with people from the healthcare field. I talked to several physiotherapists, occupational therapists, researchers within the rehabilitation field and with the patients.

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