Design project 1. Group project : 4 students. February – June 2017

Poster used during the demo day presentation

This was my first semester project within the bachelor Industrial Design. We got the assignment to design a product, system or service that would make the process of involving a new team member in a team easier. We placed this assignment in the perspective of children in elementary school.

Children who go to a new school are often feeling nervous and uncomfortable. New children often feel like they don’t fit in. This can result in suppressed behavior, loneliness and even bullying. To make the new child and the rest of the class feel more comfortable, we designed Filos.

Filos is a game for elementary schools, specifically focusing on children between the age of six and ten. The children wear a small device on their backs, which features a display where the images of the games are shown. Because the images are not visible for the child itself, they have to ask around to find out what is on their display in order to find their match or right position. The teacher can activate these displays and select a game to play. For example: combining a picture of a fruit to its corresponding name, lining up in alphabetical order or solving a mathematical problem. To complete the games, the children have to work together.

Filos motivates the children to interact with each other and work as a team. This game will make new children and the class feel more comfortable and on the long term it can also be used as a tool to teach the children more about math or spelling.

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