Stichting Wervingsdagen is a collaborative initiative of 10 Study Associations of the Eindhoven University of Technology. Wervingsdagen is responsible for organizing career events for students of the Eindhoven University of Technology, supporting them with their career orientation. Every year, three events are organized.

  1. The Skills Sessions, a week full of workshops to help students develop their skills.
  2. The Career Expo, a large company fair to help students orientate on the job market.
  3. The Interviewing Days, a week filled with interviews between students and companies to get a more in-depth view on the company.

Within the 40th board of Stichting Wervingsdagen, I fulfilled the role of Public Relations. As Public Relations, I was responsible for the promotion of all organized events. Normally, the promotion of the events of Wervingsdagen is done on the TU/e campus, but due to COVID-19, we had to think of alternative ways to promote the events.

Organizing the career events in the COVID-19 crisis was a huge challenge and we hardly could benefit from past experiences. By thinking out of the box and working closely together in a multidisciplinary team of motivated students, we were able to successfully organize the events online. We received very positive feedback from participating companies and students, helping them with their career orientation.

Although it was a difficult year because of Covid-19, I am happy and proud on what we have achieved. In addition to getting to know new people and companies, I have been able to develop my professional and personal skills.  The choice to do a board year during my studies was a good one and I never regret it.

Promotion video Stichting Wervingsdagen 2021
After movie Career Expo 2021

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