I have always wanted to help people. I want to make people feel better, comfortable and give them the feeling that they can trust me. That is why, when I was younger, I had the dream to become a doctor, a pediatrician. However, I realized that I do not want to be the person performing the medical treatments, but I still wanted to be connected to the field of healthcare, so I can help people, make a difference. Therefore, I have developed myself as a healthcare designer.

I am a creative, organized, hard-working and empathic designer, who is interested in creating meaningful and user-centered designs. Because of my empathic abilities I am able to position myself in the perspective of the user. This helps me to evaluate my designs and see if they can help a user in the way that it should.

At the beginning of my master’s, I realized that I am also interested in the field of Business & Entrepreneurship. I learned that combining knowledge about business with my knowledge about user-centered design can be a powerful tool in designing for healthcare. Since I realized this interest later in my studies, I have not yet developed my skills in business as much as user-centered design. But I will continue to develop my skills during my graduation project.

Within the design process, my strengths lie in conceptualizing ideas, understanding the context of the user, the user’s needs and creating user tests in which the concept can be properly tested. Next to this, I like to work on projects with a multi-stakeholder approach. I like to not only focus on the user, but also on the people around the users.