When I was in high school I always wanted to study medicine to become a doctor. To be more specific, a pediatrician. I didn’t just want to study for a certain profession. I wanted to make a difference for people, to help them to get better. After I looked at the study Medicine, I knew that it was not the right kind of study for me. I do not want to be the person who is performing the medical treatments. But I still want to be somehow connected to healthcare. Therefore, I want to become a healthcare-focused designer. That way I will be connected with healthcare and I will be able to make a difference for people without performing medical treatments.

I am a creative, organized, hard-working and empathic designer, who is interested in creating meaningful and user-centered designs related to healthcare. Because of my empathic abilities I am able to position myself in the perspective of the user. Because of this, I can evaluate my designs and see if my designs can really help a user in the way it should.

In the design process, my strengths lie in conceptualizing ideas, understanding the context of the user, the user’s needs and creating user tests in which the concept can be properly tested. However, I am less strong in the development of the technology in a product. This motivates me to teach myself new skills and become better at my weaknesses.