After the summer holiday I will continue my education in the master Industrial Design at the TU/e. I am not sure which track I want to follow, it will be either the research and development track or the business and entrepreneurship track. Now I am leaning towards choosing the R&D track and follow business courses as electives, but I will decide on the track in the first year of the master.

To further develop my professional skills, I am thinking about doing a board year at the foundation Wervingsdagen. Wervingsdagen is a collaborative initiative of 9 study associations at the TU/e. They organize three big events on the university. I think that, during a board year, I can develop myself a lot in my professional skills. Then I will work in a multidisciplinary team to organize all three events, so we will have to work well together to organize great events. A board is also in contact with many different stakeholders, under which a large amount of companies. So, I will also have the chance to broaden my network.

After my masters I vision myself working as a designer within a company which focuses on the healthcare sector.