In the course From Idea to Design I learned several different techniques for generating ideas. These techniques were used in Project 1,2 and 3. I also learned how to use Adobe Creative Cloud programs to create posters, visuals and aestherically pleasing reports. In the course Aesthetics of Interaction, I learned more about the different ways of interaction between the user and the product.

During my Final Bachelor Project, I used several ideation techniques. One of them is ‘Acting out’. To get a better understanding of that it is like to be a child with cerebral palsy, I acted as if I had cerebral palsy myself. I pretended that one of my arms did not work as well as the other one. While doing this, I figured out when I should remind the children to use their affected hand.

During my bachelor I gained a lot of knowledge and skills in generating ideas and creating an aesthetically pleasing look. Before I started to study Industrial Design, I was creative in tinkering, but now I learned more about techniques of how you can be creative in coming up with ideas.